Renee runs a sensationally comprehensive press blog for us over at What’s the Word, which you should check out to see almost anything — good or bad — that’s been said or written about us in the last six months. And Alison and Ellie have recently launched the phenomenal We Aren’t Scientists, which features a herculean cataloging of W.A.S. press, plus lyrics, videos, a ringtone, and a crapload of pics.

Here’s a selection of press from before Renee, Alison and Ellie began their zealous mission:

  • One time we were’s band of the day, if that means anything any more.

  • CDUK sat down with us and prodded some pretty sarcastic responses out of us.

  • Pitchfork gave our album a couple spins and then posted this fairly thoughtful review.

  • The Guardian reviewed our album and also wrote an article about how dorky we are.

  • DCist asked us some questions, and for once we didn’t lie.

  • Gothamist reviewed our 10/28/05 show at the Bowery Ballroom.

  • This Is Fake DIY awarded Michael 2005’s Beard of the Year.

  • ChartAttack, your Canadian music source, asserts that we are more than just one-beard wonders.

  • New Music Express spotted us on their Radar back on August 6, 2005. And there’s a picture!

  • On September 17 of ‘05, NME let us cover V Festival our way.

  • Later, at the beginning of October, NME made The Great Escape their track of the week.

  • Then on November 5, we dropped some knowledge in NME’s The Recommender.

  • Online British music mag conducted this interview with us for their March ‘05 issue.

  • TimeOut New York wrote a neat thing about our 1/21/05 show at CBGB.

  • A little publication name of said some nice things about us, including this Notable Quotable:
    “They may be genuine independents, but with their catchy harmonies and mind-blowing wall-of-sound, they are surely on their way towards some Brooklyn hipster version of international stardom.”
    If they only knew how incredibly right they are!

  • New York City’s own The Deli is boasting this interview featuring several Notable Quotables along these lines:
    “Hats, headbands, head lamps, fake Mohawks, artificial bald pates, weird-colored wigs, caps, beanies, like… visors, pageboy hairdos and bobs, helmets, wigs, your spray-ons — basically anything you can think of, we’ve tried.”

  • has posted this review of our Feb 15 (‘04) Chain Reaction show. Notable Quotable:
    “I had never once considered letting loose and full on dancing until W.A.S started in.”
    For we are the lords of dance.

  • an interview by The Student Life of Pomona College fame. This thing is one big Notable Quotable.

  • a totally unexpected, yet decently competent, review of our 2001 self-release Safety Fun and Learning (In That Order) by Ink19. Notable Quotable:
    “Times are tight, and starting a band is good way [sic] to kill some time until the economy picks up.”

  • Neal Pollack’s book tour extravaganza (click on the “Band/Christopher Penn” link on the side) Don’t look at this. This is dumb, bereft of Notable Quotables.