Saturday, July 09, 2005
Well, to many of you this is going to come as a real mallet blow to the skull, and not in the good way that sometimes when you snort a line of crazy fluorescent pink powder it can feel like a mallet blow to the skull. No, this is the bad kind of braining, the kind where we have to tell you that we need to postpone most of the dates that compose the imminent NATIONAL TOUR OF AMERICA OF ALL TIME. We'll still be playing out to Chicago, and the L.A., North Carolina, and D.C. dates remain secure. See the revised schedule here. We're piercingly aware that we are dropping a Suck Bomb on people, not our usual Thrill Bomb or Lust Bomb. But scheduling the next couple of months in such a way that we can do all the touring we want to do and also get the 256,455 elements of the album ready in time for various releases -- well, it's gotten tight, is the point. Something had to go. How else can we finish all the videos? And go to all the parties? And do the vamping that we need to do? And snort the full course of fluorescent pink powders? No but seriously, we are doing all kinds of stuff these days, and you have our word it's all going to make you proud. For example, here's a couple of shots of us on set at the video shoot for The Great Escape:

And here we are at a shoot for L'Uomo Vogue:

And hey! Hey! Here's us getting ready to tape a piece for MTV2 UK:

And yeah, we've been playing our hearts out:

And signing the autographs:

And we've been getting the tanks into position:

And Chris brought this dead squirrel back to life:

And, and...

Fuck, guys... sorry about postponing these dates.