Thursday, June 16, 2005
We are in the U.K., we are playing the songs, we are wowing the listeners, minds are being shattered, and so are lives. Keep your eye on the Past Shows page (linked at the bottom of the Shows page) for debriefings on the shows after they've been played. Why? Because you've got to know in case you're at a cocktail party and somebody says, "Can you believe the events that occurred at the Huddersfield show last week? Have you heard about this?" You want to be able to say, "Have I heard? Have I heard? Maybe, what part are you talking about?"

Have we officially announced that the 'Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt' single is coming out in the U.K. on June 27? Please believe that it is. Already it can be heard on British radio and the video viewed on MTV2 and the lyrics read on the lips of the nation's youth whenever it's played within earshot. This morning we were interviewed for an MTV2 show called 'Gonzo'; the episode will air near the release date. We're a bit worried because the 15 minute interview is going to be cut down to a two minute segment, and we might have accidentally given a minute and a half or two minutes total worth of straight answers. So it's possible some asshole editor is going to get ahold of the footage and cut out the 13 solid minutes of raving, asinine ego-tripping, and that would really be too bad.

Here's a short film from the van: