Friday, November 26, 2004
You iron-jawed romantics,

She loves me, she loves me not; she loves me, she loves me not; loves me, loves me not, We Are Scientists' new EP has arrived. Never was a more encouraging petal plucked. Get a look at this thing:

God it's beautiful. The Wolf's Hour is our favorite child. It's not only forward-thinking, it's charismatic. It not only smells good, it tastes like s'mores. It not only kicks ass, it's also a phenomenal kisser. Gaze on the tracklist:
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
The Great Escape
This Scene Is Dead
This Means War
Callbacks Under the Sea
That's right, CALLBACKS UNDER THE SEA – wipe your chin for chrissakes! As to the songs you've already heard in one form or another, rest assured they've never sounded this good. Escape, Scene and War have been remixed by L.A. danger-mogul Ariel Rechtshaid, producer of Inaction and Nobody Move, and all six tracks received the professional mastering treatment at Capitol. The resultant sound is sweet, meaty, highly potent; if you're allergic to bees, the resultant sound will kill you.

Here's how we're going to mete out the syrum. It will be available on the Merch page of this website and at shows beginning January 1. If that's too long for you to wait – and of course it is; for any thinking person it would have to be – then follow these instructions to the letter:

(1) Open your appointment book. Tear out all of the pages. Ball the pages up and fire them into space.
(2) Onto the front of your appointment book, tape a piece of paper on which you have written this:
  • Los Angeles. The King King. December 1st. 8:30 p.m.
  • New York City. Mercury Lounge. December 18th. 8:00 p.m.
Those are the two places, dates, times when we will be releasing The Wolf's Hour to the world. (Added incentive: For the first time in such a long, long time, there will be shirts.)
(3) If you have a Personal Digital Assistant – a Palm Pilot® digit-based device, for example – instead of a paper appointment calendar, you can still get The Wolf's Hour before January 1st. Just smash the PDA's screen with a personal analog bludgeon – a hammer, for example – and tape or glue on a note like the one described in section (2) above.

Instant satisfaction can be got on the Songs page, where two of the songs from the EP are available for download. Our idea is to have only those two songs available on the site, the reason being that we'd like for people to rationally want the actual disc. What do you think about this? Should there be more songs on the site? All the songs? Drop some knowledge on the discussion board, if you would. We eat your knowledge like slightly more pampered men eat grapes.

This guy is on the face of the CD, if that gives you any idea:

UPDATE: You can now stream the whole damn thing here.