Thursday, October 14, 2004
You who wheeze when you walk:

There's something borderline paradoxical about having a News page when you're a Top Secret Rock Agency like the We Are Scientists. So few details are cleared for public consumption, so little of what we do would be excused by mainstream morality, that nearly everything we end up feeding you is a lie, a fetid, fly-swarmed lie. Just once, we'd like to tell the truth. Of course most of what we tell you will just be hinting the raw facts are far too sensitive to be exposed to any but the most dimmed, filtered light. But it won't be lies.

The facts, then, hinted at vaguely:
  • Negotiations with various parties continue, the result of which could be a new dimension of W.A.S. control of America's music-listening public. W.A.S. may yet record a proper full-length album during our lifetime.
  • Shows continue to tumble in, and the register of cities that can expect a full-frontal guitar assault this Fall has grown tubby: D.C., State College PA, Baltimore, Various OH, Los Angeles, San Francisco. What a list! It reads like the back of a Rolling Stones tour t-shirt!
  • A certain member of the band has acquired a huge new amp speaker; the affirmative cosmetic effects of this addition have been dubbed by one critic "incalculable".
  • W.A.S. had almost nothing to do with the dismemberment of this small, small bear: