Monday, April 19, 2004
You bashful, bashful otters:

One week ago today, the We Are Scientists completed our final day of recording with Chris Fudurich, tall, famous LA producer. What we recorded was our songs Great Escape, Scene Is Dead, and This Means War. What it looked like was this:

Here's Chris Fudurich at work bolstering our songs with slamming house beats and samples of women breathing heavy during sex.

Keith averts his eyes as Michael shamelessly asks Chris F. if he (Michael) can eat the contents of Chris's shiny box lunch because he's "hungry and [doesn't] feel like going to get [his] own food."

Because of the wild drugs we took by the pound in order to foster creativity, everything at the studio seemed to be attacking us. A mostly harmless batch of cords became a hissing King Cobra, and a ceiling crowded with friendly old bats started to look like a veritable parking lot for deadly acoustic umbrella things from hell.

Keith shakes his amp furiously and yells for the "little guy" who "makes the bad sounds" to "come out and fight like a man".

At a bookstore/art opening thingie where lots of cool kids were hanging out, Michael distinguished himself by playing Peek-a-Boo with people as they entered the store. Can you spot Michael waiting for his prey?

Too late! He's got you! Peek-a-Boo!!!

The usually sensitive and tactful Greg Fishbein throws Keith for a loop by offering him $30 for a night alone with Michael Tapper.

An extremely rare sighting: Michael within a hundred yards of a bar that serves alcohol. Actually, this is a trick photograph that uses a very long lens to dissolve the distance between Michael and the bar; it's that same long lens that gets Michael spinning drunk night after night.

And since Chris was always behind the camera, here's a shot of him searching for his harmony in Scene Is Dead, but taken in his office this morning by him.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Poodles of every faith:

This weekend, the We Are Scientists will again resume the jetsetting lifestyle that suits us so very well (so well it led Roger Ebert to quip on a conservative talk radio show last week that it suits us "like a fine rolling paper suits my hash -- fuck these kids today with their Dan Fogelberg and their plastic bongs!") Yes, we have booked passage to California, and on Friday evening will be playing our first open-air show since last time we played an open-air show at Pitzer. This show, however, will be called Kahoutek.

If you're unfamiliar with Kahoutek -- with its glories, its swirling emotions, its wellspring kegs -- then let us just tell you abou--... You know what? Better still, let us show you -- Behold; an aleatory assay of Kahoutek that we made last year by spinning on a barstool (we bring three barstools with us everywhere we go) and snapping eight photos in quick succession:

The point of all this being that you should get yourself out to Kahoutek! Even if only in a metaphorical sense by closing your eyes and masturbating furiously.

Thursday, April 01, 2004
You whose mothers live in bamboo villages where they cohabitate and procreate with marmots:

Make your way over to the First Time Caller site and you'll be rewarded with an extended preview of this hot new indie flick that features the likes of Chris Elliot, Mo Rocca, and... holy crap, the WE ARE SCIENTISTS!!! That's us on camera in the picture below. Just kidding, those are alligators -- we don't actually appear in the film like Chris and Mo do. But our music sure did make the soundtrack. Sizeable boner. [Great band name, Sizeable Boner. -- Ed.]