Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Yeah, so we never really got around to cataloguing the exploits that went on a couple of weeks ago on the west coast, but suffice it to say that we had the Best Time Ever(TM), and that a great deal of the credit for that goes to the kids in Bishop Allen. Have we been pounding the Bishop Allen fanaticism into the ground, lately? Well, get used to it, people, because our love has not been weakened by the post-tour separation. For crying out loud - do you really expect us to go unchanged after having spent several days crammed in a van with this man:

What if we showed you this, then:

So, you see? Do you see the trouble we're having letting go? It's too much to bear.

But just one other thing that Keith wanted to communicate with everyone. Before the show in Sacramento, Keith took a moment for himself (NOT masturbating!) and enjoyed a quiet stroll around a residential 'hood near the club. All was fine, and Keith was recovering nicely from the terror of having spotted this cadre of bats:

who were clearly up to no good, when he stumbled upon this house:

which he thought rather charming but otherwise not terribly notable. Not terribly notable, that is, until he rounded the corner and casually glanced up at a window on the side of the house, from which some particularly rad heavy metal music was loudly wafting. In this window - and, christ, do we wish that Keith'd had the presence of mind to have snapped a photo of this - was framed a large man with long, unkempt hair, and this dude - this awesome, heavy metal dude - in the privacy of his own home, was donning a Viking's helmet!

Keith is thinking of moving to Sacramento

Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Just the briefest of notes, here, to advise you that the We Are Scientists Musical Enterprise will be Unbuckling the Monster(TM) this coming Friday night. Questions? Allow them to be answered by the following fine news sources:

"One part rock show, one part total personality overhaul, one other different part rock show." - The Sacramento SnitchPaper

"Witnessing the Unbuckling (of) the Monster(TM) by the We Are Scientists is like allowing a cat to pilot an airship: ultimately disastrous, but totally worth it (if only for the photos)." - The Miami NewsThing

"What is Unbuckling the Monster(TM)? What does that mean? Is it any different from the We Are Scientists' regular rock show? No. No, I think it's not." - The Dallas Gunner-Dispatch

Basically, people, we are just playing our rock music.

But we are doing it with those kids in Bishop Allen. When we played a stretch of shows on the west coast with the BA, they blew our minds anew every evening. We ache for them, now, the way we used to ache for a sequel to Jeepers Creepers, before one actually came out and was only "okay." BA will never disappoint you like that, though, that's for sure.

We Are Scientists
Friday, March 12
at Lit
93 2nd Ave . NYC (2nd Ave & 5th St.)
9:00 pm
with Bishop Allen (our bff's) and The Confidence Men (from Boston)

Afterwards, people with sweet-ass haircuts and tight-ass pants will be simultaneously dancing and sulking, because, remember, this is Lit we're talking about, here.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004
The thing is, it's sort of a tradition here at WAS.com for us to be really, really tardy in unveiling a tour diary, and we're suckers for tradition, so although there's a completed tour memoir, both witty and aesthetically progressive, sitting on our server even now, we think this would be an iconoclastically early time to post it, so we'll sit on it for a few weeks instead. Actually, if you must know, we haven't written so much as a predicate for the tour memorium yet, and perhaps that's because it's all still so raw for us. When you've just been wounded, when the harpoon has only just finished its navigation of your innermost thigh, you don't want everybody standing around gawking or fiddling with the injury. No, you need a few days -- maybe even weeks -- alone to just come to mental terms with the aluminum pole riding perpendicular to your femur, the two forming some perverted cross advertising the American Track & Field Association.

But I guess in this case, with us, it has more to do with laziness. Or not quite laziness, but -- and see if you're not familiar with this yourself -- that inertial torpidity that makes starting any new project, no matter how small, feel like trudging through waist-high Spring snow. Thinking up projects, conceiving of them -- that's like mercury in a grease pan. It's the execution that eludes, that is therefore to be prized, and if you're familiar with this stuff then you know that any ideal elevating intention over action (It's the thought that counts!) is retarded twaddle at best, insidious self-invention at worst.

W.A.S. is listening at this moment to the new mp3 over at travismorrison.com, and jeez, for anybody who loved the D-Plan, as we surely did, this is a withering experience. We're totally anti-trashtalking and all that, but this isn't about trashtalking; this is about the pain of degeneration observed, degeneration of something that was once...sniffle...so special. Although you'd be right to say that 'Change' adumbrated this state of affairs, you'd be wrong to think that the sadness is therefore lessened.

It is now as official as non-refundable airline tickets that we're playing Kahoutek (sp?) in Claremont, CA, the weekend of April 9th. We may also do a club show in the LA area that weekend; details on that and the Cahootech (sp?) show will post on the shows page by next week. While in CA, we'll be recording 3 of our newer songs; these recordings may or may not be available in non-demo form to non-super-wealthy-A&R people later this Spring.

That last paragraph was SO. FUCKING. BORING. That is why we try to steer this page well clear of those interest-scuttling icebergs of fact that occasionally emerge from the fog and loom with self-importance. You know what, you fucking floe of logistics? The readers don't want to hear what you have to say. They want to hear us trash talk more successful musicians! And proclaim charmingly impotent promises about things we'll put on the site! And use stirringly loaded language to describe otherwise sexless scenarios like the maintenance-mandated surface-oiling of a Patriot missile!

p.s.: Henceforth when we are asked to describe our sound, we will describe it as "totally LRAD."