Monday, January 27, 2003
There are new shows up, so you should check out the page and then cancel any dates that you may have already made for those nights, because you know that he/she is only going to stand you up anyway. So now here we are, finally giving you an excuse to be the stander-upper for the first time in your life. WAS: your source of the romatic upper-hand since 2001.

Also, we've hooked you up in terms of putting streaming audio on our site. Some of us didn't want to do it. Some of us felt that, if you were going to get our songs - our precious songs, which were born of our blood and our sweat and our pilfering from the Oasis catalogue - if you were going to get those songs, you should pay for them somehow. And since we can't get your computer to suck a $10 bill in through the disk drive and deposit it directly into our bank account (we're working on that, though), we feel that the way you need to pay - the way that you need to be MADE to pay - is by forcing you to sit there for hours, missing dinner and the ballgame and childbirth, until the song has been downloaded by your awful 3K tin-can-and-string modem. That sems fair, no?

We'll, appaently, we've got some real bleeding hearts over here at WAS, because now you can stream the songs on our page. Are you happy now? We're also working on getting those videos for "Bomb" and "Creeper" to stream, but, to be honest, Keith is too stupid to figure this whole business out. Really. He's just that stupid.

Thursday, January 16, 2003
Yes, yes. We have finally cinched up our pants and put our newest release, the Bitching! EP, up for sale on this website. To be frank, the reason it's taken us so long to make this little guy widely available is that it is too good. It's too good for us to let go. Every sale of this CD pains us in the way a matron is pained as she exchanges her children for buttered beans. Sure we love buttered beans, but we love this CD, too.*

A note to our consumers - the track entitled A Moment of Silent Meditation is exactly that: a minute of total silence, during which you may reflect upon the contents of this compact disk and then upon your own life and then upon the profound effect that the former is even now having upon the latter. Staggering maturity has just been thrust into your lap over the course of six thrilling and life-changing songs, and so we figure it is our responsibility - as your ushers into adulthood - to provide you with the time and peace that you need to truly comprehend the profundity of your maturation. Then, Mothra Under the Sea kicks in, and shuttles you back to emotional infancy. For maximum effect, we recommend that you put this CD on "loop" and never turn it off.

*Note: Much as we love them, we will not be exchanging this CD for buttered beans. Do not ask.

Saturday, January 04, 2003
Can you count on We Are Scientists? To answer that question, look past the many thousands of friends and family members we've betrayed and trampled and (in one case) sold to get where we are today. Just look past them. Right past them.

Instead, take a look at this:
- we've got some new photos, taken by the inimitable Charlie McIntosh, who - and, oh, we are so ashamed of this - we invited to party with us after our New Year's Eve show, but then, when he diligently (we suspect) made his way to Chris's apartment in midtown, we were not there, because we were getting pizza, and we never saw the boy again. We are bad people, and we apologize to Charlie - here, in public - because he is our hero and everything we'd like to be and all of that business about flying with the altitude of an eagle and all that. If it makes you feel any better Charlie, the party was a disaster, with Keith getting pizza sauce all over his brand new jacket and Michael falling into a deep and peaceful sleep right there on the couch, in the midst of it all. We need to get invited to more parties, people, so that we can see how it's really done. Until then, check out the photo page.
- we've got the new video for "Bomb Inside the Bomb" up and running on the Songs page. Go look.
- we've got two new songs from our Bitching EP up, also on the Songs page. We haven't even gotten around to selling this EP - this brilliant, life-changing, famous-making EP - on the site, but still we've found the time to offer some of its gems to you, free. Free of charge! Just take them! Our is a thankless life, yes, but it is the life we've chosen for ourselves, except for Keith, who was coerced and lied to, and has now invested too much capital in the band to back out.