Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Oh, man - it is a positively Californian day in New York City. The sky is blue, there's a cool, dry breeze coming off of the bay, and, best of all, the burrito trees are in full bloom, heavy with black beans and jack cheese and real guacamole. So, that's nice.

And speaking of California: we're going back. Just for a couple of days, sure, but that does not mean that there's not going to be some truly Northridge-level seismic funk going on for those few days. Right now, all we can confirm is: The Motley, Claremont, Oct. 13th (Sunday), but there will be others. Especially if you help us out by letting us know if you or someone you know wants to help set something up, pronto. But we probably have it covered ourselves.

Word. I'm going to go outside and pick an enchilada off of the vine outside my window and dream of the west coast.

Friday, September 06, 2002
Some plugs for friends:

Last weekend, we took some band pictures with Laura Reinhard, who is just a real solid character and a mean taker of photos. Some of these photos shall be posted here before too long, and we think you'll agree that they are as near-perfect a depiction of our enigmatic but powerful sexual air as is capable of being captured on film. If what you are looking for is good photo-taking, look no further than our friend. She has no website as of yet, but if you ask us nicely enough, we'll slyly introduce you to Laura, who may or may not deign to point her lens in your direction. We recommend her not only because she delivers quality prints, but because she'll let you choose the music during the shoot, and she owns The Chronic. Then, she'll take you to a Jersey Diner, and you'll all get sick on grilled cheese.

Also, last weekend, we played a real rip-roaring music festival thingie with our newish friends in Hula, and we have this to say of them: yeoooweeaaaiiiii!! They are that good. They, too, have no website, but that should not stop you from locating them and then going crazy all over them.

Also, our old gang-brothers in Speechwriters LLC are offering the one-two punch of a brand new CD, Satisfiction, and a real hot-rod, hard-nipple, rat-bastard of a tour going on. Check them out. They know what they are doing, and you do not.

Finally: us. We are great!