Thursday, January 24, 2002
Okay, okay. So, we are big talkers. We have often regaled you poor kids with talk of fantastic treasures found and massive pectorals developed and debut albums recorded. And, sure, these tales have seemed dubious to you guys, since we are scientists clearly has no cash and poor musculature and no debut album. Well, all that has changed (except for the cash and muscles things). The album is done, people. Well, at least the recording part of it is. There is still some mixing to be done. Then, Keith will shuttle off to Miami to sunbathe and smoke Havana cigars and get the album mastered. Then, we’ll ship the finished product off to the printer (along with the album artwork, which, you argue, we haven’t worked out yet. We ask you to keep those kind of arguments to yourselves, thanks). This means that we should be selling our brand new CD by the end of February. Start scraping the cash together now, kids – now!

And how does the album sound, you might ask. "Well," says Keith, "it sounds pretty great."

What, is he a goddamned poet?