Crap Attack: B-Sides, Vides, Remixes, & Rarities

Our newest release, and sadly only available in Europe. But, if stateside: fear not! Cliquez on the cover at right to stream the whole thing right here in your browser.

Cover for the With Love and Squalor album


With Love and Squalor

Our debut album: Where else will you get accurate photos of kittens that are guaranteed to be accurate?

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For those of you who are always losing your CDs because they’re so small, With Love and Squalor is also available on vinyl. Included are two extra tracks: History Repeats and Mucho Más.

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Cover for the With Love and Squalor album

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (re-release)

Our 4th UK single, same as the first, because history goes in circles. B-sides are a cover of The Ronettes “Be My Baby” and the fun-for-the-whole-family, as-long-as-they’re-all-over-18, “Ram It Home”.

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Cover for NMNGH

It’s A Hit

Our third UK single, with ‘splosive track “It’s A Hit”; a song we used to call “Mellow Buzz Kill” that we now call “Surprise”; and the harmony-heavy, countrified version of single 2: “Great Escape Under The Sea.”

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Cover for It's A Hit

The Great Escape

Our second UK single, the pale precursor to Ethan Fogus’ genius cover thereof. Inadequacies are compensated for through two fine b-sides: “This Means War” and “Callbacks Under The Sea”.

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Cover for the Great Escape single

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

Our first single, Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, plus the b-side from the UK CD single, History Repeats, and the b-side from the UK vinyl, Mucho Màs, and a high-quality presentation of the bear-infested Nobody Move video, directed by SNL’s own Akiva Schaffer.

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Cover for the Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt single


Our shirts are 100% cotton American Apparel. They feel damn good when you get them on. Unlike lesser quality cotton shirts that tend to sit rather boxily on the wearer, these guys are slinky; they hug you gently; they rest lightly upon your protuberances and snuggle articulately into your depressions. On a day when you don’t feel like representing our band, turn your shirt inside out and it becomes the best blank tee you can remember owning.

Asphalt Polo

Polo / $30

Four buttons, a reinforced collar that withstands repeated washing, lithe 50/50 fabric. For those occasions when a W.A.S. t-shirt is too informal, but the W.A.S. tuxedo is overkill. Asphalt shirt with sky blue logo, right there on ya chest. Buy it here.

Scientist Scientist Scientist

Stacked Scientist Shirt / $12

When saying loud, saying it proud gets you nowhere, say it three fucking times. It works every it as well. Multicolor Gill Sans typography set on a black t-shirt. Buy it here.

Black Zombie

Zombie / $12

Brains. Delicious brains. Black shirt with pink print. one for the menfolk, one for the womenfolk.

Pink Zombie

Zombie / $12

For the fan whose love of the undead is tempered by his or her love for pastel shirts. Pink shirt with black print. ladies, this way please. and gents, over here.

Kitten Bones Hoodie

Kitten Skeleton Hoody / $35

Trick people into thinking you have a zip hoody with X-ray pockets. Asphalt hoody with white print. girl sizes or boy sizes.

Kitten Undies

Cat Underwear / $12

Some would say brown is a distasteful color for underwear. Prove them wrong by buying lots of these. Brown skivvies with white piping and print. sized for boys and fashion-forward drag kings.

Trust shirt

Bramble / $13

This shirt is printed with a space-age bleach gel developed by NASA for zero-gravity t-shirt production. Olive shirt with a bleach print, unisex sizing. clikken!

I Are Scientists shirt

I Are Scientists / $12

Our classic shirt burns itself beyond recognition, then emerges whole from its own ashes in a new color scheme. Cranberry shirt with cream print. woman sized, man sized.

Smoke shirt

Smoke / $12

Elegant curls of white smoke foregrounded against an asphalt firmament, their source a mysterious disembodied hand and its vicious recreation. A thinking person’s shirt; an adventurer’s shirt; a shirt that says, “I’m naked under here.” girls, click here. boys, well, obviously.

Cat shirt

Cat / $12

“Oh, what a nice, bland brown shirt. It’s gentle, unassuming, just that tasteful little bone-colored insignia near the bottom. It’s just preciou— Ack! Wha?! What is that THING!?!?” Cat head, brown on brown, peering out at your friends with sangfroid, regality, and an unmistakable dose of disrespect. pussycats, your sizes are here. tomcats, through this side door.

Bat shirt

Bat / $12

Is Danger your middle name? No? Peter, you say. That’s not very dangerous. So maybe you could use something to bring out your dark side, say a black shirt with a slightly lighter black bat, carrying a pale yellow flower, soaring majestically over a WAS logo. We’ve got just the thing for you. The bat shirt. sized for boys and sized for girls.

Trust shirt

Trust / $12

This is a fun shirt, a menacing shirt, a navy blue shirt with a pink design. The XS size is cap-sleeved and fitted for girls, who—thank god—have their own distinct delightful shape. ladies, you know you want it. and men, you may as well try one on too.

I Are Scientists shirt

I Are Scientists / $12

Oh look: a leftover stash of our classic “I Are Scientists” shirt in pink with brown text. Not a ton of these lying around, so consider this a limited engagement. Or possibly a garage sale. for girls. also for boys.


Pocket Square / $3

Whether you’re cursed with the taste of a Savile Row shopper or a case of the sniffles, this kerchief spells relief.


WWASD Wristband

What Would We Are Scientists Do? / $3

For those who require a moral compass that looks great with most outfits. Pink debossed print on black wristband.

Tote-ally awesome!

Tote Bag / $10

Perfect for 12” records or organic groceries. Forest green on natural canvas.

Button Pack

Button Pack / $3

Button Pack 2

Button Pack 2 / $3

Black Ops. No logos. Rep WAS without raising suspicion.

Button Pack 2

Sticker Set / $2

Don’t put these on other peoples’ cars, okay you guys?

* Hell, we’ll even throw some in there if you purchase one of our crappy items.

Questions about your order? Contact the fine folks at Cinderblock here!