NO MERCH! For a few days anyway. In this time of glorious transition for the band We Are Scientists, which is this band, the merch sales will go on hiatus. During this hiatus, we will be manufacturing new, better merch to serve your needs for the new millenium. This will include brand new t-shirt designs printed on American Apparel fabrics, and a small size specially fitted to the female form. Stickers and badges are also on the way. Best of all, we'll be farming out our operations to a merch fulfillment company who will do a much, much better job of shipping out orders in a timely manner. Because all of us -- fans, band members, disinterested bystanders -- will have to acknowledge, after a moment's reflection, that We Are Scientists is a really crap merch fulfillment company.

IF YOU PLACED AN ORDER IN THE LAST MONTH OR TWO: Your order has been shipped. All orders have been shipped. Many of them just went out yesterday (June 9th), which in several cases was over a month after the order was placed. You have our sincerest apologies for the delay -- this is why we're shifting our operations over to the pros. But so, if you don't receive your order by June 21st or so, send us an email at In most cases, orders will arrive well before June 21st. Thank you and goodnight.

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