If you see nothing else on the Interweb, see these things:

*music outfits
Bishop Allen___Literally life-changing: these kids changed the way we think about touring; they changed the way we think about making music; they changed the way we think about polygamy. These are some beautiful kids.
Editors___Our best friends from across the pond, these guys took care of us during our first tour of the UK, teaching us the latest, most obscene British slang and filling us with the finest cheap-ass, alcohol-based beverages (we recommend Lambrini). When they finally make it over to the States, they (Editors) will topple them (the States).
Tomorrow's Friend___A two-pronged songslinging assault. Once, they dressed up as viking women, even though it felt anti-natural to do so, because they are committed to greatness.
Speechwriters LLC___Two acoustic guitars, two mics, a bucket of bathtub gin: that's all these guys need. It's all they've ever had.

The Tank___The Tank does music, art shows, theater, they've got a beer garden, $3 beer, a piano, a full schedule, making them one of the more aptly named clubs we've come across.

*figures of taut moral fibre
Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog___Go watch (with bulging eyes as) Tyson, who is a bulldog, (fucking) skate(s!!!! Skates, for chrissakes!!!!).
Sweetly Mysterious___New York hyperpersona Jeffrey D piled twigs, straw, and colored yarns here to found his lair, but it is neither sweet nor mysterious. It is instead weird, funny, and loaded with gratis JD compositions in the popular mp3 format.
Eugene Mirman___Comedian, funnyman, huguenot: two out of three ain't bad!

*existing solely 'pon these fields of shining net
Fensler Film___Fensler, thou art a goddamn genius, and we resent you so much. This is the funniest thing in the history of the world.
Daddy Design___That purple dinosaur Barney is on the scene, and he is making some stern points about hoes, bro(e?)s, and the unending trawl for twinkly bling.