"intrepid rhythm arrangements, clever lyrics,... booty shaking" -TimeOut New York
"insanely catchy pop songs" -the village voice "decently competent" -ink19

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Recording Wrap-Up, Pt. II: Behold it if you dare.

Russia Sees Straight to the Heart of Us

We Are Scientists is in every sense of the word an international band. We all speak dozens of languages, we're of varying nationalities -- Texan, Utahn, Floridian -- and we enjoy both Indian and Italian food. But there is also the fact that we are heralded by critics of every nation, and so the surprise factor was zero when we learned the other day that another Russian music website had tossed in their two cents. What was quite surprising, though, was the accuracy and élan with which this particular reviewer captured in a cage of words the delicate, flitting farfalla of our aesthetic (the Schmetterling of our steez, if you prefer). Please take a look:


For those of you who don't speak the Russian, we've commissioned AltaVista's tranlsation feature to do a version of the review in English. The precision of that software allowed both the spirit and letter of the original Russian to be rendered perfectly into our native tongue.
Nowhere, probably got accustomed pank- fate as good as by heat the climate of South California. True, among a countless quantity of local associations, good fall, directly let us say, sufficiently rarely. We Are Scientists, fortunately from similar. Rare. Maykl Of tepper (impact), Chinese Murray (guitar, vokal), Kris Of geyn (bass) play "brainy" priest -pank, almost most catching from times Buzzcocks. In my understanding, the group by both feet got in into the category "it-is-so-good-4-not-to-understanding-what-horseradish-they-are-not-still-famous". Possibly, competition is high. In any event, in WAS it is still in front. In the active membership in them thus far only two by its own hands released YER In action and Wolf'.s Hour, and at the given moment continue negotiations with different interested parties, which must according to the idea pour out in obtaining of babla on the record of album.



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