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Some T-Shirt Ideas We Must Decide Between **

In considering the span of our tenure as "the most exciting pop band this generation" (Gene Siskel, 1999), purveyors of music "so tight, so hook-driven, it'll burrow into your brain and stay there for weeks" (Vladimir Putin, 2003), it's fair to say that we've been unreliable at best about stocking t-shirts. This upsets us probably more than anyone, although considering how you folks greedily snap them up when they're available, clearly we're not the only ones who are really, really upset. So we've taken action. We've spent the last few weeks working intensively on new designs, and the results have been amazing and varied. Too amazing and varied, actually. Perhaps because We Are Scientists comprises three such different and differently talented individuals, the final batch of designs offers roughly a dozen brilliant, funny, totally disparate options. And we've lost our ability to narrow the field any further. At this point, every possibility is so good, so invaluable in its own way, that the idea of further elimination is legitimately painful to us. But while we can probably do two or even three of these designs, we certainly can't do all of them, so elimination there must be. Take a look. Drop us a line at shirts@wearescientists.com and let us know what you think. The future of fashion depends on your participation.

**UPDATE!! After literally two suggestions from all of you and much concerted stewing on our part, we've made the decision – SEE THE WINNER BELOW!!

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