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The 5 Craziest News Stories So Far This Year
The Internet widens the aperture of our worldview substantially -- every day, we're able to troll the websites of newspapers from nearly every country in the world, to trade links with friends via email, to google years of compiled journalism and commentary in order to satisfy even the slimmest curiosity. Here at the We Are Scientists, we love the news; we love real stories, real human drama. We're frankly a bit obsessed. It's to your advantage, though, as we now recap several of our favorite stories of 2004, many of which are obscure enough that you might well have missed them.

  1. Back in January, in Greece, when (a), the scientists discovered a live minotaur -- which, like, holy shit! Minotaurs actually exist?! And then (b), there was some sort of miscommunication and the minotaur went ballistic and killed all those tourists. This was one of those news stories that dashes any belief you might have been cultivating that you've got the world pretty much figured out. Link to BBC story.

  2. That report that came out saying that not only did Bush know Iraq didn't have WMDs, but he personally went about trying to sell them WMDs in the weeks before the invasion. Link to CNN story.

  3. The story about the Nazi-hunting crocodiles. It was obvious for a long time, but kudos to the people who finally did it. Link to Reuters story.

  4. The whole deal about that pitcher for the Red Sox who they found out had two cybernetic arms and that's how he was able to pitch so fast and hit so many homers. Link to CNN story.

  5. The follow-up story to the croc/hunter thing where the crocs wiped out half of Germany because the scientists had put too much emphasis on identifying Nazis based on their accents. Crazy! Link to Reuters story.

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