"intrepid rhythm arrangements, clever lyrics,... booty shaking" -TimeOut New York
"insanely catchy pop songs" -the village voice "decently competent" -ink19

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You can learn so much from a little Krull

There's just something about your mother...

Yo mama so fat, she can only live in one of the largest four or five states if she wants to avoid paying dual-residency taxes.

Yo mama so fat she wobble.

Yo mama, she is so fat that when she walks her fat wobbles all over the place, making everybody sick just from looking at it, it so gross.

Yo mama so fat that she's murder on the soles of her shoes. They tend to flatten out after just a month or two of daily wear.

Yo mama so fat, and she so into food, that somebody said "Turkey", talking about the country, and she thought, "Time to eat!", thinking they was talking about pork or something.

Yo mama she so fat she work up an appetite just by eatin dinner!

Yo mama so fat! Why yo mama so fat all the time? Yo mama, she just so terribly fat!

Yo mama so very fat, she affect the tides!

My mama one fat, fat lady -- but yo mama fatter hands down!

Yo mama FAT, all caps!

Yo mama bring fat to a whole new level. If fat to most people means "a really huge person", yo mama take that to a whole new level!

Yo mama fat. Like, if she was a boat at sea, and her fat was water that got in the boat... nuttin but trouble!

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