"intrepid rhythm arrangements, clever lyrics,... booty shaking" -TimeOut New York
"insanely catchy pop songs" -the village voice "decently competent" -ink19

Scientific MAKEOVER

Hey hey hey!!! It's MAKEOVER!!! Today's winner of an all-expenses-paid Scientific MAKEOVER® is...


Rick's from Cincinatti, where he runs wild with a pack of dogs; for Rick, scavenging, rulership of the hills, and the caress of a gentle breeze as you sleep are a way of life.

We played around with Rick's look, and we think you'll agree that the results should help him to hump all the bitches that have been eluding him.

Don't take our word for it...

Uh oh!

Yes yes yes!!! Here come da humping!!

Any bitches reading this are almost certainly in heat at this point!

MAAAAKE-OOOOOVERRRRRRRRR!!!! A look like this might even give Rick a shot at some human females! Can you dig it? Or can you not, and therefore you have brain damage?






Final test: what do the ladies think?

"Rick...is something different? Did you lose weight?"

"I brought you some flowers, Rick. Go ahead...take them. Rrrrrrick..."

WOW!!! Another successful


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