"intrepid rhythm arrangements, clever lyrics,... booty shaking" -TimeOut New York
"insanely catchy pop songs" -the village voice "decently competent" -ink19

Scenes from the Boda Dome: Transcription of Elevator Security Tape 60040.11, Oct/11/33

WOMAN: Suitcase? Whereya going?

MAN: Ah, London.

W: Reeally? Very nice. For work or vacation?

M: No, work.

W: Oooh.

M: Yeah, but I'm going to Spain first.

W: REEally?! Woow! For vacation?

M: Oh no, uh...for work.

W: Okay, okay.

M: ...

W: Have y'ever been to Cold Rock?

M: Mmmm, no. No. What's that?

W: Ice cream. Delicious.

M: Oh!


M: Wow. Um, where is it?

W: I donno. My friend took me there on Saturday.

M: Oh. I'll, I'll keep my eyes open.

W: Do!

M: I, I will.

W: You really should! It's aMAAAzing!

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