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Friday, June 27
A Toast to Arthur Titsenballs
The Tank
432 West 42nd St (between 9th and 10th Aves)
Doors open at 8:00pm
If ever there were a show where your dollar fetches an incredible value--and there were, for there is this show--then it is this show. In celebration of the man, the myth, the hedge fund-- Mr. Arthur P. Titsenballs--we have invited some of our favorite NYC artists to come out and do the damn thing. Check back for additions to this list; they're certain to occur:

Bishop Allen - beautiful indie rock from the attractive kids whose album was given four of Rolling Stone's review staff's best stars. Click on their name to go listen to the MP3s they made--'Busted Heart' will do you right. This will be the last small show Bishop Allen ever plays.

The Arrangement - friends of Bishop Allen from indie rock Mecca B, Austin, TX. We have never heard them. We firmly believe that surprises are good. Although we've had to qualify that statement since the time we stuck our curious heads down into a badger warren and got a lifetime worth of amateur dental work done against our strongest, most vehemently voiced wishes. The Arrangement, we're quite sure, will not be that kind of surprise.

Eugene Mirman - We can't really overstate our excitement at having this major personality at our show. Go to Eugene's website to see why we no longer consider our website funny; instead we now try to think of it as "wannabe" funny. The 'Gun' video is among the all time funniest things of all time. Eugene will be doing some stand-up; we'll be the guys laughing our very asses off.

Becky Yamamoto - Becky's mom says the Becky's comedy is pretty good for a beginner. Becky's dad says she should just get a job. Michael says that Becky's one-woman show Heartbreak High is fucking brilliant, for one thing. So who are you gonna believe?

Tim & Eric - These guys pump out the humorous short films you've been asking about.

The Perpetual Life of Jim Albers - this is a 15 min. short film by Matt Goldman that was shown at SUNDANCE!!, maybe you've heard of it. SUNDANCE!!! for chrissakes. They liked it there.

DJ BASE & DJ Aaron Shinn - Hot DJ action. They will serve up selected cuts ranging from the classics to the new: Mr. Rogers records, The Sound of Music Movie Soundtrack, The Who, Star Trek Sound Effects, Dego, Aphex Twin, Love Thy God and Neighbor, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Braniac, Golden Shower, EDMX, Cylob, Kraftwerk, Adult, Madonna, Prefuse 73, Mr. Oizo, Radiohead, Rod Stewart, Telex, Squarepusher and many others. You'll be able to digest all of these one at a time or all at once.

In addition there will be cool-ass paintings by Paul Hrusa on the walls, fabulously cheap and cold beer at the bar, a lovely garden in which to paradoxically both smoke and chill, and, of course...

Friday at 8. You've been waiting all your life for this, seems like.

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