"intrepid rhythm arrangements, clever lyrics,... booty shaking" -TimeOut New York
"insanely catchy pop songs" -the village voice "decently competent" -ink19

Somehow, Typing These Phrases Into Google Led People to Our Website (and although we're not complaining, we're now quite worried that something out there has gone horribly, horribly wrong, and you people simply don't know how to use your intranet):

"the uneducated vote"

"NBC's friends filming location".

"to suppress lovemaking."

"nighties for men and women"

"why does milk have two expiration dates?"

"smallest living mammal"

"scientist with a mullet"

"margaret thatcher’s bio"

"why you should not let age be the determining factor in anything you do"

"excuse me video" [twice]

"disturbing quotes"

"die on your lips"

"fucking good shows"

- okay, that last one does make perfect sense.

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