Readers of the WAS Scientific Intronet Periodical,
meet Vince DeNunzio --

cold, calculating, constructive with criticism; the consummate consummate; always one step ahead of the curve, always game to settle a fist-fight with a knuckle sandwich; a physique to match his bearing - which is plaid, and often immitated - and a smile like a string of pearls, cuz his teeth are like pearls, cuz they're shiny, white, perfectly round and relatively fragile. He's the man of a thousand faces, all of them very similar. He's the man who, if you saw him in a crowd -- though you've met him a thousand times, spent countless hours in his company -- you wouldn't recognize him, if you had the retrograde amnesia, like the guy in memento, the movie, and if you didn't have a polaroid of Vince, or, more likely, you had one but didn't cross reference him with your stack of polaroids, cuz he's just another guy you're passing in the crowd, so why check him?, why cross-reference?, except that you might catch him staring at you and looking away too quickly, way too quickly, and then whistling very suspiciously and nodding greetings at people who don't notice him, cuz that's how he does his undercover work, Vince, then you might check your stack of polaroids, where you'd probably find his picture. And in the white bottom margin would be written

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