In Honor of the Passage of Michael's Birthday, The Contest Is Over!

And in honor of his new maturity (trust us: brand new), we have decided that the contest's winner should be determined using that most characteristically adult of political precepts, besides slander: democracy. Yes, the winner shall be decided by vote; yours, to be exact.

Since an uneducated vote is a corruption of the very principles 'pon which the WAS heritage is founded, what you should do is go to the entries page and read over the entries. The decision you have then to make is not which particular taunt most impresses you, but which taunter put in the best cumulative performance. Then cast your vote. In a week or so, we'll announce a winner, along with a detail of her/his prize package. As my junkie friend has managed to say at least once every five minutes for the several years I've known him: Get psyched. [Alt.: Dude, get psyched.]

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