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name: Malcolm
query: i am falling for a girl and i think feels the same way about me. we've been hanging out steady for the past 3 months and i have really strong feelings for her.
the problem? she has a boyfriend... so as awkward as this sounds hear this: she has been with this highschool sweetheart of hers for 3 years and they currently live together, but from what i have gathered from her they plan to stop going out once their lease is up this summer and that they will remain friends. so technically they are going out, but at the same time its as though this doesnt apply since they plan to move on...
so i'm having this party saturday and i want to kiss her or attempt some sort of move, what should i do ?


There is a rich artery of rock & roll that runs like an aorta through this world, energizing and hardening all who dare acknowledge it -- on Saturday, Malcolm, you will tap into that artery; you will drink long and greedily; you will be blind to what lesser men call obstacles, righteous in your penitence to the god of desire, and all the concerns you've noted will burn away in the heat of your first long kiss with this girl. Her cuckolded buddy will find a new life for himself, too, a happier, humbler way to finish out his days. Meanwhile you and your ladyfriend will fly like two arrows entwined, striking true your target, sending down feathers and tattered sheets and springs aloft.

trust us,
the We Are Scientists



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