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Dear Scientists,

In conjunction to a long tradition of rock and rolls icons such as Jim Morrison, David Lee Roth, and many others, I have a favor to ask of Sunday's show.

I'll will be traveling from Washington D.C. to NYC Sunday night and it is impossible for me to arrive before 10pm. Plus I don't know how much longer it will take me to get to Brownies. As a loyal Claremont supporter, I am asking if you boys could stall the show for a while? Perhaps arrive intoxicated, break a few things, spend extra time tuning, chat up the audience? If that doesn't work and you're forced to start, perhaps Keith could systematically break every one of his guitar strings until a solid delay was reached.

Yes, these ideas (and other far more clever time-honored, experience-honed rock and roll tricks) are selfish ploys to keep me from missing the whole of a We Are Scientists show. I would never ask We Are Scientists to compromise the music (everyone knows the rockability of it), but only punctuality.

Yours sincerely,

Cooter "Cootie" Cooterson


Oh, man - this puts us in a tight spot. Tighter than we like, really. Boy, do we ever want to stall the show for you. Things like setting the cuffs of our pants on fire and throwing ourselves through plate glass - these things we would gladly do for you. Unfortunately, they would do none of us any good at all. Brownies is smarter than we, and when we try to pull our patented brand of show-delaying antics, they just nod with derision and tap the face of their watches. I swear on a pack of Twizzlers that the last time we played there, Chris and i stepped out for a slice of pizza a half hour before our set time, and when we returned, Michael was already on the stage, his drum kit fully assembled, waiting for us with a sheepish grin on his face, the biological clock of our set already ticking away. So, sadly, our stalling at the show will do us no good. We can waste all the time that we want, but Brownies will not give in. They are made of tougher stuff.

If you're not getting into NYC until 10:00, it looks like bad news for the lot of us. There are some options, though:

1) you can come see us at Luxx on the 24th (if you're still in town, that is).

2) we can play an acoustic set in your home or in the home of your close friends and then we can have a pajama jammy jam with ice cream (ice cream and pajamas not provided by we are scientists).

3) you can go back to claremont and tell everyone that We Are Scientists screwed you in terms of the whole "refusing to push back the set time" thing, and everyone there can join you in an unprecedented display of
unison loathing.

i hope things work out for the best for all of us.


we are scientists



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